The Salon du Chocolat and the Chocolate Museum; a chocoholic’s dream duo

The Salon du Chocolat and the Chocolate Museum; a chocoholic’s dream duo

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The Salon du Chocolat, a global event that puts chocolate and cocoa in the spotlight, has been taking place annually near the Hotel Volney Opera for 25 years. From October 30th to November 3rd, 2019, chocolate lovers and industry professionals will be welcomed amidst a fabulous array of tempting aromas, delicious flavours and exceptional presentations. Then, you can stay with the theme of gourmet pleasures by visiting the famous Chocolate Museum!


A feast for the eyes and taste buds at the Salon du Chocolat

An inaugural evening takes place on October 29th and then the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre will open its doors to the general public the next day for the Salon du Chocolat. The largest international event dedicated to chocolate and cocoa brings together more than 500 exhibitors from 60 participating countries, including the world’s leading cocoa producing nations, and offers an extraordinary gourmet adventure.

Imagine designer dresses made entirely of chocolate, worn by models parading on the catwalk. Imagine creative workshops and tasting sessions offered by the world's greatest chocolatiers. Imagine discovering the trending chocolate logs for Christmas 2019. Imagine live music and dance shows presented by cocoa producing countries. Imagine all this at an event that is sure to intoxicate all your senses and you’ll still only have a brief overview of what awaits you at the Salon du Chocolat!


Greetings from the Chocolate Museum

Then, if your inner chocoholic is still not satisfied, make your way to the Chocolate Museum, also known as Choco Story. Here you can immerse yourself in a world of chocolate.

The museum invites you to discover the origins and history of the famous cocoa bean and its products. It also offers demonstrations and workshops suitable for all ages. Enjoy these fascinating and delicious gourmet experiences during your stay at the Hotel Volney Opera.



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